domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

My Sinapsis

So we've got the whole world, right? And we wonder all along (let this be explayed as a thought that's gone by a mind of a simple guy when making number 2 in the bathroom) the universe just thinking, who made us? well, let's go to the book where you're supposed to check on:

It says that some gut upstairs said "let there be this, let there be that, let there be light, let there be YOU" and PUFF we're out, right out of the nutshell, no one ever realized it for this is the first time they ever could!

So, having this said, the lord (and i'm pretty sure that i'm quoting it [or him, well, i'm quoting that guy... u know, the one upstairs]) Genesis 1 - 27: And God (this guy i've been talking about) created the man to his image, to the image of god (the dude, remember him? the guy? upstairs?) he (that guy) created the man, male and female He (the dude, just upstairs, some say bearded) made them

Genesis 1-28: And god (yeah, u guessed) blessed them saying "Be many and multiply, populate the earth" (should you take the time to read, this dude built it all!) "and subjugate it; Rule above the fishes in the sea, over the birds in the sky, over as many animals walk the earth" and should you read any further, THIS GOES TO THE WHOLE WORLD, ALSO THE HERBS

So, i finally thought, this dude god, and us with robots, it's quite the same, they just don't have the concience right now.

But besides all of that, today i got a nice greet, someone that greeted me for the brand new morning, giving back my first greeting on dawning on a BRAND NEW DAY!

don't u just love it?

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  1. Tengo la capacidad de descubrir día a día que debería haberle dado más bola a eso de aprender inglés.

    Entendí, no creas que no u.u xD
    Pero el umbral de frustración de los domingos es un poco más bajo que el de los días de semana.

    Así que me voy a guardar mis palabras, hasta que sea lunes.
    O hasta que alguien marque el amanecer de un nuevo día.
    O hasta que fisure como una loca y pueda delirar sin demasiados temores.

    Le mando un beso hasta entonces (:

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  3. As sequacious as something you think while shitting xD I congratulate you.

    P.D.: El anterior comentario era igual solo que sin la segunda oración. Aclaro porque blogger es re gorra y te avisa si borré algo xDDD


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